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Omicron Rocket was founded for the sole purpose of gathering all people affected by the covid pandemic.

In our, community-owned project, we are like one big family. No matter your religion, race, or ethnicity, we are here to unite everyone, because we see no difference, we’re all human. What the pandemic has brought, besides illness for some, is distance. Everyone has been told to “keep distance”, no hugs, no event. Stay at home.

That way of living is unnatural and very harmful to our mental well-being, but we have had no choice. Freedom is or had been taken away from us, depending on your country of living. Some can be justified, in other instances it cannot, but that is not what we are here to decide. We are here to create fun, inspire and be astoundingly rewarding. A project everyone can get involved in.

Would you like a place where your ideas are heard, where you can freely create and have fun? Well, you found the place.

Omicrons on the planet
Omicron on the planet

Most of the things done until now have been inspired by others. Community members, the local pizza delivery guy, or a little girl who liked our logo.

The first part of the project name, OMICRON, has been chosen for a remarkably simple reason. We want to SPREAD throughout the crypto space, at the same pace as the omicron variant. A little subtle to begin with, but soon known everywhere.

Why ROCKET? You see, if you take the contagiousness from Omicron and combine it with a crypto project, that project will blast off. What else goes you in the air with a blast and parabolic movement, you guessed it, rockets, and there you have it. Omicron Rocket.

These goals of immense profits, loads of fun, and an inspiring twist cannot be achieved on their own. For that we need community. Regardless of the goals, utility, name, branch, etc. of a project, it will go anywhere without community. Community is the most crucial factor of all.

We have shown the power of Omicron Rocket’s community already within our short lifespan. 5 people from different walks of life have already gotten the OMIR LOGO tattooed permanently on their bodies. Tattoos were even done before the presale! What project can show that amount of faith and trust before a launch? We bet no project. (Tattoos can be verified on our YouTube Channel, where we will be sharing contest videos).

In the presale we managed to raise a staggering +1000 BNB, these funds will be delicately used for project expansion, inspired by YOU!

So, if this sounds interesting, take your grandma, your homies, or your girls onboard, and let’s have fun!


TOGETHER, we gather and SPREAD!





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